Hivpoint offers sexual health services in Helsinki and Oulu

Kuvassa kaksi ihmistä istuu sohvalla vierekkäin ja hymyilevät toisilleen.

Hivpoint has offices in Helsinki and Oulu and. We offer free and confidential HIV testing, sexual health counselling and sexuality counselling in all three locations. In our Helsinki location, we also offer peer support groups for people living with HIV. Our peer support groups give people the chance to talk openly and confidentially about living with HIV.

Who should get tested for HIV and why?

We encourage everyone who has had sex without a condom to get tested for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Getting tested should be part of what you do to take care of your health. It should be as essential as going to the doctor or the dentist! If everyone who has had sex without a condom gets tested for HIV, we have better chances of eradicating HIV. We also have better chances of improving the lives of people with living with HIV. If we make it a common thing to get tested for HIV, people who do not know they are living with HIV might be more likely to go and get tested. This way, they can start treatment and live a long and healthy life. Our HIV testing is absolutely free and we offer free condoms for people who come in to get tested.

Hivpoint offers walk in HIV testing in Helsinki. Read more here.

We offer sexual health- and sexuality counselling in English – for FREE

Our sexuality counselling service is also free and confidential. It is tailored to fit the person who is being counselled. Sexuality counselling looks different for everyone. It can be about anything – not just sex, but everything related to sex. It can also be about relationships, sexuality, sexual identity, sexual health, sexual and domestic violence and many more things. The service is 100% confidential and this means that whatever is discussed in a counselling session stays between the customer and the counsellor. Sexuality counselling is recommended for everyone who would like to discuss any issue related to sex and sexual identity. The service is offered in Finnish and English.

To schedule a counselling appointment, please contact Hivpoint on +358 207 465 705 or contact Niina Laaksonen on niina.laaksonen(at)hivpoint.fi.