Next walk-in HIV testing in Hivpoint Helsinki is on August 5th at 2pm to 6pm.  Read more here.

Five myths about how to contract HIV


Five myths about hivThere are many myths about how HIV transmits, and most of these are based on false information. These help to keep the stigma around HIV and people living with HIV alive, so it is important that people take time to educate themselves on how HIV transmits – and not just believe the misconceptions! Some of the misconceptions can be traced ...

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The amount of PrEP users in Finland is growing!


Prep-kuvaThe public health care system is starting to provide Pre-exposure prophylaxis treatment and affordable generic medicines are available now. The price for the medicine in Finnish pharmacies is now 75 euros for 30 tablets. It is getting more affordable, but it is still more expensive than in many European countries: for example, in Sweden and in Germany you can get 30 tablets ...

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Introducing the Hivpoint health buddy program


Meet the health buddies!In January this year, Hivpoint launched an exciting new health buddy program! The idea behind the program is finding passionate people to be ambassadors for Hivpoint’s cause. The health buddies go into their own communities to lead educational workshops on sexuality and sexual health.

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Hivpoint Youth Advocacy Group – APPLY NOW!


Apply to the Hivpoint Youth Advocacy GroupHivpoint is looking for young people ages 16 – 23 to join our Youth Advocacy Group!

Are you interested in sexual rights? Are you interested in advocacy? If so, apply to be a part of the group today!

Hivpoint is starting a Youth Advocacy Group this summer. Through the Youth Advocacy Group we want ...

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Hivpoint welcomes PrEP – National guidelines are here, and more affordable generic medicines hit the market soon


prep picture

The National Institute for Health and Welfare recommends Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for people with a high risk for HIV transmission. As a part of a comprehensive prevention program, PrEP has reduced new HIV transmissions in all countries where it is available. When used correctly, PrEP provides up to 99% reduction in HIV risk. The national guidelines are released ...

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Apply to be a hivpoint health buddy!


Be our new health buddy

Are you Hivpoint’s new health buddy? Apply now!

Hivpoint is looking for health buddies to lead sexuality education workshops in migrant and refugee communities. The health buddies will spread knowledge about sexual health, including HIV and sexually transmitted infections, in their own communities using methods of their own liking.

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