Limited testing services are open. If you have had a risk situation and need to get tested, please call our helpline 0207 465 705. It is possible to get an appointment or a free home test kit.

Introducing Hivpoint´s multicultural workers!


Introducing Hivpoint´s multicultural workers!Meet Hivpoint´s multicultural workers Batulo and Niina! They are both health care professionals and sexuality counsellors and have been working at Hivpoint for years. What does Batulo think as the most rewarding aspect of her work? And what has been the most memorable moment at Niina´s work history?

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INTRODUCING OUR SERVICES: Adaptation training courses


Do you want to know more about adaptation training coursesAdaptation training courses are offered to people living with HIV and their families. The courses are meant for those who have been living with HIV for a long time and also for those who have just found out about their infection. Courses offer a meeting place for people living with HIV and their family ...

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Health Buddy Program 2020 has started!


Health Buddies 2020 engFor the second year, Hivpoint is continuing its Health Buddy Program directed toward
the immigrants and refugees who came to Finland lately and didn’t have the chance to study the
sexual education in their countries. The idea of the program is to increase the knowledge about
sexual health and sexual rights.

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Hiv and pregnancy


Hiv and pregnancyPeople living with HIV have the same dreams and wishes about life like the anyone else. One of the biggest dreams for many is to get an own family. One of the most common questions is can I get a healthy baby even though I am HIV positive?

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Risto makes the invisible visible


Risto Proud Role Model

” When I talk about HIV and ageing I’m creating a safer future for myself and others.”

Risto is a 70-year-old active pensioner. Risto is also an HIV positive gay man who has done and experienced a great deal in his life. At the time being Risto is a volunteer at Seta’s senior work and is also a peer educator. We ...

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Tom doesn’t worry about what others think about his sex life


Tom Proud Role Model

Tom Hurd has been an advocate for better sexual health and sex positivity for many years now. He refused to accept that sexual health was something people look at shamefully, and so he has been pushing for better sexual health testing and PrEP to be introduced. He’s also one of the guys behind Homoinvaasio ...

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