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Risto makes the invisible visible


Risto Proud Role Model

” When I talk about HIV and ageing I’m creating a safer future for myself and others.”

Risto is a 70-year-old active pensioner. Risto is also an HIV positive gay man who has done and experienced a great deal in his life. At the time being Risto is a volunteer at Seta’s senior work and is also a peer educator. We ...

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Tom doesn’t worry about what others think about his sex life


Tom Proud Role Model

Tom Hurd has been an advocate for better sexual health and sex positivity for many years now. He refused to accept that sexual health was something people look at shamefully, and so he has been pushing for better sexual health testing and PrEP to be introduced. He’s also one of the guys behind Homoinvaasio ...

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Havu makes space for diverse young voices and faces


Proud Role Model Havu

Despite their young age, Havu Härmä has already made a big impact. When Havu started speaking out about their life on social media, they did not see it as activism, but as a way to alleviate their frustration around the lack of people to relate to on social media. Since then, their voice has been amplified by positive feedback from ...

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Fahady promotes sexual health, sexual rights and equality


IG_ Ylpeästi Esikuva henkilökuvat

Ahmed Fahady is one of the health buddies who work for Hivpoint, the Finnish HIV Foundation. Fahady has been active as a health buddy since 2019. Advocating sexual health is a matter of heart to Fahady and the workshops he has hosted around sexual health have been extremely inspiring and innovative!

Hi Fahady! This year’s ...

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PrEP became available in Finland with help from a role model


Sami Proud Role Model

Sami Tuunainen works as a Sexual counselor at Hivpoint and is coordinator for the Checkpoint Express STI clinic project. Sami has been an active advocate for making PrEP accessible, available and affordable in Finland. Along with others, we have Sami to thank that we now have national guidelines for PrEP treatment in Finland. As a gay man Sami has also ...

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Proud role models advocating for better sexual health


Ylpeästi Esikuva kansikuva englanniksi


During the traditional Helsinki Pride week Hivpoint’s “Proud Role Model” article series introduces five amazing role models for sexual health. They have all actively and fiercely promoted equality and sexual rights and have given voice to many unspoken topics. During the next five days you will have the honor to get to know them and their stories.


The Helsinki Pride theme ...

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World Refugee Day 20.6.



What does the World Refugee Day mean?

World refugee day is an event which is usually held every year on 20 June in order to raise awareness about the issues and circumstances which refugees deal with in their daily life. Hence, this special occasion shows respect to the people who are forced to flee from their mother country because of ...

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Higher education: do students in Finland lack HIV knowledge?


Kopio_ Katyan artikkeli (002)Hi! I am Ekaterina — an international Business Management graduate from a Finnish university of applied Sciences. I am volunteering for the Finnish HIV Foundation – Hivpoint. In this article, I will share with you my experience of organizing a pop-up event at the campus of my university dedicated to the World Aids Day in December 2019 and will tell ...

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Our services re-open gradually!Due to the coronavirus epidemic HIV-testing and the face-to-face client work has been on hold since 18th of March. The restriction for the society due to the virus are slowly being dismantled. Hivpoint will gradually re-open services starting 19th of May.

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