Sexual health counselling at Hivpoint

Three persons sit besides a table and read a brochure together.

Page last reviewed 13.2.2023

Hivpoint’s sexual health counselling is confidential and free-of-charge. At Hivpoint it is possible to attend to 1-5 sexual health counselling sessions. The service is primarily intended for Hivpoint’s target groups. Read more about Hivpoint’s target groups here.

The themes of the appointment may include, for example:

  • Protection against HIV and other sexually transmitted infections
  • Fear of contracting HIV
  • Sexuality (sexual orientation, preferences, etc.)

Appointments are anonymous, free of charge and confidential. In our services, we take into account the diversity of sexuality, gender and relationships. Sexual health counselling can be obtained in Finnish and English, and it is also possible to use interpreter services.

Sexual health counselling sessions happen in Hivpoint’s office in Helsinki.

You can book an appointment for sexual health counselling from Hivpoint’s counselling services.