Rapid HIV testing service

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Page last reviewed 7.1.2022

Anonymous and free of charge rapid HIV testing service for:

  • migrants
  • gay, bi and other men who have sex with men
  • people who have had unprotected sex in countries with high HIV prevalence, for example Russia and Thailand

Checkpoint rapid HIV testing service is closed for the time being due to the COVID-19 situation

Address: Hermannin rantatie 2 B. Find address on the map >>

How does Checkpoint HIV testing service work?

Rapid HIV test can be done 4-6 weeks after the exposure to HIV, but a negative test result is fully reliable only three months after the exposure.

The rapid HIV test is done by taking a small drop of blood from the fingertip. The result will be available in 60 seconds.

Checkpoint HIV testing service is anonymous and free of charge.

Checkpoint HIV testing service is located in Kalasatama

We have moved!

Our office is now located in Kalasatama. The new address is Hermannin rantatie 2 B.

COVID-19 safety

In Checkpoint HIV testing service both staff and clients are wearing face masks. We’ll offer you a mask if you don’t have your own.

Please don’t come to the HIV test if you are experiencing any symptoms of illness!

Free HIV and other STI tests are available at public health centers

Checkpoint HIV testing service offers only HIV tests. Other sexually transmitted infections such as chlamydia, gonorrhea and syfilis are much more easily transmitted. After unprotected sex, it is good to test for all STIs even if you are not experiencing any symptoms.

How to access STI tests at public health care? Read more here >>

Did you know that you can test HIV by yourself with a HIV home testing kit?


Unfortunately, we are not able to write certificates of HIV test results. If you need a certificate we encourage you to contact e.g. your local health center (terveysasema).