Hivpoint in brief

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What is the purpose of Hivpoint?

  • Preventing HIV infections.
  • Promoting and supporting the wellbeing of people living with HIV.
  • Promoting equality and human rights of people living with HIV.
  • Offering support and counselling services for Hivpoint’s target groups.
  • Developing counselling and testing services for the aim of preventing HIV transmissions.

What are the target groups of Hivpoint?

Hivpoint’s target groups include people living with HIV and groups that are vulnerable to HIV. Counselling services are also targeted for people who are concerned about HIV infection.

Hipoint’s target groups:

  • People living with HIV and their family and close ones.
  • Gay and bisexual men as well as other men who have sex with men
  • Migrants and refugees
  • People traveling to Russia and Thailand

When was Hivpoint founded?

Hivpoint was first founded in 1986 as the AIDS support center (Aid-tukikeskus). The organization was turned into foundation in 1997 and The Finnish HIV Foundation (Hiv-säätiö) was founded. The AIDS support center changed its name to HIV support center (Hiv-tukikeskus) in 2011 and to Hivpoint in 2017. Hivpoint is still managed by The Finnish HIV foundation.

Who manages Hipoint?

Hivpoint is managed by the Finnish HIV Foundation. The HIV Foundation is not affiliated with any specific ideology or religion. The Foundation is managed and represented by its board, which consists of six members and six vice members. In 2021-2023, the chair of the board is Inka Hopsu (MP, The Greens in Finland) and the vice chairman is Petteri Keränen (a board member at Seta) and infectious disease doctor Jussi Sutinen.

What is the yearly budget of Hivpoint and how is it funded?

Hivpoint’s annual budget is approximately 1 000 000 Euros. The main sponsor is the Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations (STEA), whose financial support covers around 80 per cent of the Foundation’s costs. The Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health funds projects such as Checkpoint Express (2017-2020) and Seksitautien jäljillä -project which is a three-year project starting in the spring 2021.

Part of the funding comes from the Helsinki city. The city of Helsinki provides financial support for the HIV testing service in Hivpoint´s Helsinki office. Private companies have also funded Hivpoint. In 2015-2019 Hivpoint received funding from GSK Finland.

Does Hivpoint take donations?

Donations from private individuals are a significant addition to our funding. All of the donated funds go towards HIV work in Finland. Read more about our donating options from here.