Sexual counselling for people living with HIV

Kuvassa näkyy kaksi kättä, jotka pitelevät toisiaan.

Page last reviewed 15.2.2024

Hivpoint offers free and confidential sexual counselling to people living with HIV and their partners. In our discussions we are sensitive to diversity in sexuality, gender and relationships. All of our employees who provide sexual counseling are trained sexual counselors.

During sexual counselling, we can address the following themes, for example:

  • The effect of HIV infection or other illness on one’s sexuality
  • HIV infection and relationships
  • HIV infection and sex
  • My own sexual identity
  • My gender identity
  • My body and its’ acceptance
  • Sexual dysfunction (such as erectile dysfunction or orgasmic problems)
  • Sexual pleasure
  • Reluctance
  • Relationships and intimacy

Discussions are held at Hivpoint’s office in Helsinki as well as remotely. We offer sexual counselling in Finnish and English and the use of an interpreter is also possible if you need and want to. You can book a time from Hivpoint’s counselling services. Please, check the opening hours of the Hivpoint phone helpline and chat service here >>