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Page last reviewed 24.5.2024

HIV phone helpline

Tel. +358 207 465 705
on Wednesdays from 9.00 am to 11.30 am

The price is 8,35 cent / phone call + 16,69 cent / minute (24%VAT)

Online chat counselling

Mondays and Thursdays from 12.30 pm to 3.00 pm

You can find the chat window at website from lower right corner.


Hermannin rantatie 2 B, 00580 Helsinki, Kalasatama (visiting address)
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Kuvassa on kartta, jossa näytetään Hivpointin Helsingin toimipisteen sijainti Kalasatamassa osoitteessa Hermannun rantatie 2 B
Hivpoint’s office is located in Kalasatama, near the metro station.


Hivpoint’s office is wheelchair accessible. The chaircase has a wheelchair lift that allows access to the office door. The lift is operated by remote control. Ring the door bell at the front door when you need to use the wheelchair lift. Our staff will bring the remote control and assist if necessary.

Gender neutral restrooms at Hivpoint’s office are wheelchair accessible.

Hivpoint’s staff

E-mails of Hivpoint’s staff members: firstname.lastname(at)

Executive Director
Vilma Pietilä, +358 44 544 0900

Preventive HIV work and services

Jenny Tigerstedt, Director of HIV prevention and services, +358 50 304 6068

Sami Tuunainen, Specialist: development of testing services and PrEP, +358 40 552 4089

Batulo Essak, Specialist: services for people living with HIV, +358 40 778 9861

Teppo Heikkinen, Specialist: prevention of HIV and other STIs, +358 50 584 6269

Laura Keskinen, Specialist: prevention of HIV and other STIs, +358 44 493 8587

Communication and advocacy work

Maria Oinonen, Specialist: communication, +358 44 709 2889

Havu Härmä, NGO and communications assistant, +358 44 559 3532


Integrating HIV work into low-threshold substance abuse services —development project with the A-Clinic Foundation

Sanna Salo, Project coordinator, +358 40 860 7988
Jenny Kaasinen-Wickman, Project planner, A-Clinic Foundation, +358 40 487 5093

Care, support and security — Турбота, підтримка та безпека, a project promoting the well-being of HIV-positive Ukrainians living in Finland

Niina Laaksonen, Project coordinator, +358 40 778 9881

Fundraising and materials



Patient ombudsman

You have the right to make a reminder about our activities if you have been dissatisfied with the treatment or service you received at Hivpoint. We promptly process the reminders we receive and we are responsible for the self-monitoring of our services.

You can make a reminder to the patient ombudsperson. The wellbeing services counties and the City of Helsinki will organise the activities of patient and social services ombudspersons in public and private healthcare and social welfare.

Invoices for Hivpoint

The new billing addresses from January 1st, 2024.

We have moved to electronic processing of purchase invoices. Invoices are preferably e-invoices.

Online store

>> online store sells HIV home tests, different types of condoms, lubricants, sexual health education materials and other products related to sexual health.