STI testing for trans and non-binary people on Nov 19th

Hivpoint and Trasek are organizing an STI testing event for trans and non-binary people at Hivpoint’s Helsinki Office on November 19th at 5pm to 7pm.

During the event you can get tested for HIVhepatitis C (if needed), chlamydiagonorrhea and syphilis. The HIV test is a rapid test, the sample is taken from your finger and you get the result in 1 minute. The chlamydia and gonorrhea samples are taken from urine (self-sample), throat and anus (self-sample). The syphilis test is a blood test.

It is important that you don’t urinate at least 1 hour before giving the urine sample. Chlamydia and gonorrhea tests cannot be taken if you are on antibiotics. The tests can be taken one week after antibiotic treatment.

Please note that you have to show your identity card (for the laboratory system). You don’t need a Finnish social security number or residence permit in Finland to use the clinic service. Also people visiting Finland can use the clinic.

Address: Unioninkatu 45 K, 00170 Helsinki

Trasek is a Finnish association for transgender and intersex rights. Trasek advocates for human rights, anti-discrimination measures as well as proper medical care for transgender and intersex individuals.