Limited testing services are open. If you have had a risk situation and need to get tested, please call our helpline 0207 465 705. It is possible to get an appointment or a free home test kit.


How is it transmitted?
Chlamydia is transmitted through unprotected vaginal, anal and oral sex.

The symptoms typically appear within 10 to 14 days from the infection, but often chlamydia shows no symptoms or the symptoms are very mild.

When should you get tested?
Roughly 1–2 weeks from exposure.

How it is tested
• on a urine specimen
• on a urethral or cervix swab (bacteria culture)
• alternatively, on a swab from the conjunctiva of the eye, throat or anus

NOTE! Anal or throat chlamydia cannot be diagnosed from a urine specimen. After unprotected anal or oral sex, the chlamydia sample must be taken from the anus or throat.

How it is treated
Chlamydia is treated with antibiotics.  A control sample is taken four weeks after the beginning of the treatment.