Mpox (monkeypox) vaccinations

Vaccination needle and the text monkeypox.

Page last reviewed 20.3.2024

Mpox vaccinations are offered to people at high risk of being infected with mpox. The vaccination is free of charge and can be administered by appointment. The City of Helsinki is responsible for the vaccinations in Helsinki. Only Helsinki residents and people staying in Helsinki long-term are vaccinated. Residents of other cities/areas can contact their own health services.

Mpox vaccinations are not actively given at the moment. You can inquire about vaccinations at the health services of your welfare area.

If you have questions about the vaccine, symptoms that may appear after the vaccination or possible interactions, please contact your health station.

Who are the vaccinations for?

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) has decided that vaccinations will be given to persons at risk of contracting mpox. The target group of mpox vaccinations has been expanded. Vaccinations are recommended:

  •  All men who have sex with men and have had several occasional sexual partners during the previous 6 months.

The City of Helsinki arranges vaccinations only for Helsinki residents and those staying in Helsinki for a long time (including undocumented migrants). Residents of other municipalities can get vaccinated at their own health service areas. Check the website of your own municipality for more detailed instructions.

What is the mpox vaccination? 

In Finland, the vaccine used to prevent the spread of mpox is called Jynneos. The vaccine protects against mpox and smallpox.

Two doses of the vaccine spaced at least 28 days (4 weeks) apart are recommended for the best protection. A single dose of the vaccine provides good protection against mpox. The second dose in the vaccination series mainly increases the duration of immune protection.

What are the benefits of the vaccination? 

The mpox vaccine provides protection against mpox and smallpox. The vaccine helps the body defend itself against the mpox virus. As a result, the symptoms of the disease may be milder, or infection can be completely prevented. It is good to remember that the vaccine does not eliminate the risk of infection entirely.

 Are vaccinations currently offered?

Vaccinations are not actively offered at the moment (situation spring 2024), because no new infections have been detected. You can inquire about vaccinations by calling the health center. The contact information for Helsinki health centers is at

Residents of other welfare areas can contact the health services of their own welfare area.

What should I consider when getting vaccinated?  

You can obtain the vaccine with an identity document. Be prepared to prove your identity with a personal ID or Kela card, passport or driver’s license and get ready to present it while waiting.

Please note that you should not take the mpox vaccine if you have received an influenza or a corona vaccine within two weeks. You should also not take an influenza or a corona vaccine for two weeks after receiving the mpox vaccine. For information concerning other vaccines, please contact your health care provider.

Do not get vaccinated if you have symptoms suggestive of a mpox infection or a febrile infection. The vaccine must not be given if the person has symptoms consistent for mpox. 

Whom is the vaccine not suitable for?

The vaccine will not be given to a person who has had an anaphylactic reaction to a previous dose of Jynneos or Imvanex or any of the vaccines’ components.

If you have a severe immunosuppressive condition, please consult your doctor about getting vaccinated before booking an appointment.

What should be considered after vaccination? 

It is important for you to wait for 15 minutes after receiving the vaccine so you may be observed for any reactions and treated if necessary.

After vaccination, local symptoms at the injection site, such as pain, redness, swelling and itching, are common. Transient general symptoms such as muscle pain, headache, fatigue, nausea and chills are also common. Other side effects are rare. 

What if I have already had mpox? 

If you have had mpox in 2022 or after, you do not need the vaccine. 

What if I have been exposed to mpox or have symptoms suggestive for mpox? 

If you know you have been exposed to mpox or have symptoms consistent for monkeypox, contact your healthcare provider. In the HUS area, you can contact the Sexually Transmitted Diseases Outpatient Clinic.  

More information about mpox

Information about monkeypox on Hivpoint’s website.

Information about monkeypox on the website of the Finnish institute for health and welfare.


If you have questions about monkeypox vaccinations, you can call Hivpoint’s helpline or ask a question in the chat service. Check the contact details and opening hours of the counselling services here >> 

You can also email a question to We aim to respond to emails within the next working day.  

Our health station will answer to questions about the vaccine, any symptoms that may appear after the vaccination or possible interactions.