Materials on the Hivpoint website

The Hivpoint website has some great resources and materials available to everyone. They can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Materials’-tab on the top of this page. By clicking on ‘Brochures’, you will find a wide variety of materials in many different languages. These are all free of charge.

‘Protect Yourself’ –is available in English, Arabic, Sorani and Russian. This brochure contains everything you need to know about protecting yourself against HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). It has information about the most common STIs and how to get tested and treated for them. Another useful brochure is ‘Living well with HIV’. This is available in English and Russian. This brochure contains important information on how one can live a healthy, safe and happy life with HIV. It also contains important medical information.

The brochures can be found here: https://hivpoint.fi/en/materials/

The Hivpoint website also has a webshop, which can be accessed by clicking ‘Webshop’ on the ‘Materials’-tab. The webshop can also be accessed via this link: https://www.pointshopping.fi/

Unfortunately, the webshop is currently only available in Finnish. If you view the website on a laptop, Google Translate has a handy translator that will translate the whole website for you – this might make things easier!

Click ‘Tuotteet’ and you will see what categories of products we have available. The shop has different things: condoms, lubricants, brochures, HIV home test, tote bags, posters, manuals for sexual educators and a guide to HIV care for health professionals. You can order all of these for a small price through the shop.

It is possible to pick up the package from Hivpoint’s Helsinki office, so no shipping costs will be added to the order. If you wish to have your package sent to your home, there will be a small shipping cost.

If you need help using the website, you can email materials(at)hivpoint.fi and we will be happy to help you.

Another great resource available to all is the Hivpoint YouTube-channel! This channel is boasting with useful videos. There are videos on how to get tested for HIV, how to use a condom, how to use the HIV self-test, on how HIV is transmitted and more. Most videos are in Finnish, but there are some in English as well. There are also videos on how to get tested for HIV in other cities outside the capital areas for people who live outside Helsinki.

These two videos have a simple layout and are easy to understand, even across language barriers!
This video shows how to buy, how to choose and how to use a condom.

This video shows how HIV is transmitted. The video shows different scenarios where HIV could be transmitted, such as different ways of having sex and injection with needles, and shows how to protect against HIV in situations where there is a risk of transmission.