Free walk-in HIV testing in Hivpoint Helsinki every Monday 2pm to 6pm. Next testing Monday April 23rd. Read more here.


All Hivpoint brochures can be found in Finnish and other languages here.

Sexually transmitted infections and safe sex

  • Protect Yourself [English] [Arabic] [Russian] [Sorani]
    This brochure provides information about STIs, their treatment and safe sex guidelines in different languages.

Living with HIV

  • Life as HIV positive [English] [Arabic] [French] [Russian] [Thai]
    Provides information about living with HIV in the Finnish context in different languages.
  • HIV and ageing [English]
    Provides information on ageing with HIV in the Finnish context in English.
  • HIV and pregnancy [English] [Russian]
    Provides information on the necessary considerations during pregnancy when living with HIV, in the Finnish context.
  • HIV in the family [English] [Russian]
    Provides information and support on living with HIV in the family.

Condoms and lubricants

Condoms and lubricants can be ordered through our online store for the reasonable price of 0,30€ per package (includes one condom and one lubricant).