Introducing our services: peer support group for children and youth

Hivpoint organizes group meetings for children and youth living with HIV. The peer support groups aim to provide empowering and professional support for children and youth living with a chronic illness.

Currently group members are between 18-22 years of age and they come from different parts of Finland. Children and youth of all ages are welcome. The group comes together 3-4 times a year. All HIV positive children and youth living in Finland are welcome to join. The services and activities of the group are planned according to the needs of the group members. When activities are planned the age and development of individuals is take into consideration.

Topics ranging from general wellbeing, living with a chronic illness, HIV medication, relationships to personal situations are discussed in accordance with the interests of the group members. All group members have the opportunity to discuss issues in the group and also individually with the professionals. Read more about Hivpoint´s peer support groups from here.

Participants of the group describe the activities like this:

“The group is inspiring and there is a great team spirit! It´s a support place for us, always available if you have any worries.”
Member of the group

“Funny, nice and full of laughter during the whole camp.”
Member of the group

“At the camp/group you can get a lot of experiences, information and you have the chance to talk with friends who are at the same situation as you are. You can also get experiences how to deal with this thing (= HIV infection).”
Member of the group

If you would like to join the group, please contact the coordinators:

Batulo Essak, batulo.essak(at)hivpoint.fi, phone 040 778 986
Niina Laaksonen, niina.laaksonen(at)hivpoint.fi, phone 040 778 9881