Introducing Hivpoint’s multicultural workes!


Meet Hivpoint´s multicultural workers Batulo and Niina! They are both health care professionals and sexuality counsellors and have been working at Hivpoint for years. What does Batulo think as the most rewarding aspect of her work? And what has been the most memorable moment at Niina´s work history?

Who is Batulo Essak?

Hi, I am Batulo Essak! I am a midwife and public health professional. I have been working at Hivpoint since August 2004 as a planning officer. As a planning officer I work with individuals from immigrant backgrounds living with HIV and their families. The most rewarding aspect of my work at Hivpoint is working directly with our clients and noticing the outcomes of our support. Based on my extensive work experience at the organization and with our partners, I can honestly say our work is making an impact and is meaningful.

I believe in constantly learning new things and in addition to my work I am doing an MPD in Public and Global Health. As a person I am calm, but also a passionate advocate for women’s rights. Outside my work at Hivpoint and studies, I am active in women’s civil society organizations and take care of three wonderful kids.

What about Niina, tell us about yourself!

Hello, I´m Niina I´m a public health nurse and I have been working as Hivpoint´s multicultural planner since 2012. In my work I do HIV testing and counselling, arrange peer support meetings and adaptation training courses for people living with HIV. I also organize & lead the Health Buddy program.

The most memorable moments at work have been all the adaptation training courses. It is wonderful to see how the professional support and peer support together empower people.

Important values for me are human and animal rights.  In the future I hope that the stigma related to HIV would finally disappear. It is an important message to share that that HIV does not transmit when a person is on effective medication!

If you want to know more about the multicultural work at Hivpoint, please contact Batulo or Niina:
Batulo Essak, batulo.essak(at)hivpoint.fi
Niina Laaksonen, niina.laaksonen(at)hivpoint.fi