Peer support groups

Hivpointin vertaistukiryhmä on luottamuksellinen keskusteluympäristö. Kuvassa neljä henkilöä keskustelevat ja hymyilevät toisilleen.

Page last reviewed 16.3.2021

Multicultural peer support group

The multicultural, professionally guided peer support group is open to all people living with HIV and their loved ones with a migrant or refugee background. The meetings are fully confidential. During the peer support groups we discuss issues related to HIV infection and themes related to well-being, health and family relationships. We can discuss anything the group needs and wants to discuss!

The peer support groups are open to everyone, regardless of religion or cultural background, gender, sexual orientation or residency status. The group meets in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

To join the group, contact the group leaders:

Batulo Essak, batulo.essak (at), tel. +358 40 778 9861

Peer Support Group for Children and Young People

All children and young people living with HIV living in Finland are welcome to join. Activities are planned taking into account the needs, age and level of development of the children and young people in the group. We always plan the activities for one year at a time. Group meetings and camps are free for participants and include full room and board. The group meets a few times a year. You can read more about the peer support group for children and young people here.

We aim to provide professional, empowering support for the development of the children and young people living with HIV who join our group. We also support them in living with the chronic illness.

If you are interested in the group, contact Batulo:
Batulo Essak, batulo.essak (at), tel. +358 40 778 9861

HIV Finland’s peer support groups

The groups provide empowering peer support for people living with HIV. During group meetings you can share experiences, feelings and other things with other people living with HIV and / or their loved ones. Read more about HIV Finland’s support services here.