How to find the right condom

Finding the right condom is important and can make a huge difference for the sexual experience. Using a condom that is not the right size for you can cause discomfort. If the condom is too big it slips off easily. And if it´s too small it might break. That’s why it is also important to find the right size condom to make sure that you are best protected against sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

A good thing to do is to buy some differently sized condoms and see which one fits you best. You can also come in for a HIV test at Hivpoint and take some of our condoms. Condoms come in all different sizes and shapes and it can be hard for someone who has just started using condoms to know which one is the right size and has the right feel. For finding the right sized condom, measuring the girth of the penis is important. Read more about how to measure here.

So many different kinds of condoms!

Many brands of condoms come in small, medium, large and extra-large. Sizes can also vary from the different brands of condoms, so if you switch brands it is a good idea to try on different sizes.

Condoms have different feels and textures – they can be extra thin, ribbed, dotted. There are even flavoured condoms for oral sex. It is great to try all these condoms in order to see what works for you!

Condoms can also be made of different materials. Most condoms are made of latex. Some people are allergic to latex and should not use latex condoms, as this will cause irritation. There are plenty of other condoms out there without latex and they are completely safe to use.

Why is it important to practice using a condom?

It is a good idea to try a condom on before you use it for sex. This is to make sure that it fits and to make sure that you know how to put it on correctly. You can also practice using a condom together with a partner or during masturbation.

When using a condom, make sure that you never use two condoms on top of each other. This can cause them to break. We recommed using a lubricant: It can increase the pleasure and it makes the condom less likely to break.