We are looking for models for a photoshoot!

Two persons behind a table. One of the two persons is holding the others finger and holding a small yellow device against the finger. On the table there are three small bottles.

We are looking for a wide variety of models with different appearances and ages for photos to be used in Hivpoint’s sexual health work materials. The materials present situations related to HIV testing and sexual health counselling, and we are looking for models for the roles of both health professionals and clients. 

The photo shoot will take place on the 26th of September at Hivpoint’s Helsinki office in Kalasatama, Helsinki. 

Models are paid the fee of 80 €. Previous experience as a model is not required! 

The images are used in Hivpoint’s sexual health work materials and communications. 

Apply by 21st of September! 

Please send a photo of yourself and if you are interested or have questions, please contact vilma.pietila@hivpoint.fi