My journey as a Health Buddy

Health buddy Banafshe

The writer of this blog post is Hivpoint´s Health Buddy 2023. The Health Buddies are Hivpoint´s advocates who spread knowledge about sexual health, including HIV and sexually transmitted infections, in migrant and refugee communities. Read more about the Health buddy program from here >>

I decided to become a Hivpoint´s Health buddy because I was looking for any direction which I could become an expert to help and provide information to my community. Through my network in the LinkedIn, I realized that there is a great opportunity to participate in the Hivpoint´s training program to become a Health buddy.

“Health Buddy program felt like the perfect opportunity to make a meaningful impact, from understanding the basics of HIV to learning about stigma and discrimination around the world.”

The information surprised me, and I eagerly took on the responsibility of spreading awareness within my social circles and community. Whether through casual conversations or organized events I tried to break the stigma surrounding HIV and develop an environment of understanding and support. Most of the topic was previously taboo in my culture and it felt good to see my community participate in the conversation with the new point of view.

The more we know about HIV, the less room there is for fear and judgement

One of the most rewarding aspects of this journey was the positive response from my community. I had a chance to meet many people on a personal level. Breaking down complex information into relatable narratives helped bridge gaps in understanding.

Personally I believe that the more we know about HIV, the less room there is for fear and judgement. Definitely, education is a powerful tool in breaking down barriers and fostering a supportive community.

As my journey as a Health buddy continues, I look forward to further engaging with my community and expanding my knowledge. There are countless avenues to explore in favor of well-being and specifically HIV advocacy.

My journey doesn’t end here, It is a stepping stone towards a healthier, more compassionate future for all!

Hivpoint´s Health Buddy 2023