“It is always better to know!”

Health care professional is doing and HIV test for a customer.

Why should I get tested for HIV? 

Testing is the only way to know your HIV status. Getting tested is also easy and fast. The idea of getting tested can be a bit scary to someone. What if the test result is positive? In that case, there is a very effective HIV treatment that makes sure that you stay healthy. 

Getting tested is important because knowing your status will allow you to take care of your own health and health of your sexual partners.

Even if you think HIV infection is not likely for you, the quickest way to stop worrying is to take an HIV test.

When should I get tested? 

You should get tested if you have had unprotected sex or if you have never got tested. Read more information about how HIV can be transmitted from here

You can get an HIV test earliest 4-6 weeks after the risk situation, but a negative test result is only reliable three months after the risk situation. 

Where can I get tested?  

Rapid HIV testing in Helsinki at the Hivpoint office is available weekly on Mondays at 12-16 and Thursdays at 14-18. Just walk in, no appointment needed. Taking the test is quick and safe, you’ll get the result in 60 seconds. Testing is anonymous and free of charge. We also have time to talk about your sexual health if wanted. Read more about Hivpoint´s rapid testing services from here

You can also get tested at:

  • public health care centers
  • HIV and other STI testing at Venereal Diseases Outpatient Clinics
  • occupational health care
  • student health care
  • private providers of health care and social services, private medical centers (chargeable)

Will someone know I got tested? 

HIV testing at Hivpoint is anonymous. Anonymity in testing means that your identity and the test result remain confidential.  

All information you share during the test will remain confidential, meaning that everything you say will be held as secret. You can safely share any personal information about your sexual health. Health care workers will not give any information about you to other people.