World Refugee Day 20.6.


What does the World Refugee Day mean?

World refugee day is an event which is usually held every year on 20 June in order to raise awareness about the issues and circumstances which refugees deal with in their daily life. Hence, this special occasion shows respect to the people who are forced to flee from their mother country because of war and human violation.

On the World refugee day we want to emphasize everyone´s right to the health care.

Refugee or undocumented – what does undocumented mean?

 A refugee is usually considered someone who has escaped or fled from their country and is able to return because of a justifiable fear of being victimized and abused due to their religion, race, nationality, or association of a particular social group or political opinion.

Being undocumented means that a person doesn´t have a legal right to stay in Finland or other country. In that case staying or living has not been approved by authorities. There can be many reasons for being undocumented, read more from here.

What type of health care services can an undocumented person get?

According to the Act (Health Care Act), everyone, regardless of their place of residence, must be given urgent care in Finland. The actual cost of the treatment may be charged. Emergency treatment includes, for example, treatment to prevent the spread of a widespread infectious disease such as tuberculosis. A child attending primary school has the right to school health care guaranteed by law, even a paperless child.

In Finland undocumented people don´t have the right to the HIV treatment automatically. HIV positive pregnant women are entitled to treatment to prevent the unborn child’s infection.

Besides, several cities have made local decisions. In Helsinki, for example, the necessary care for the undocumented people is provided at the same price as for other Helsinki residents and undocumented pregnant women and children are allowed to get the extensive health services.

The right to health is a human right and at Hivpoint we believe that everyone should be entitled to the best possible health. Everyone´s right to health care has to be secured regardless of their visa status.

Hivpoint´s services are open to everyone regardless of their visa status.


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