Are you interested in volunteering?

VOLUNTEERING WITH HIVPOINTVolunteering is a great way to spend any extra time you may have and Hivpoint values their volunteers!

Volunteers can help with a wide variety of tasks. They choose how much time they can and want to dedicate and what they wish to do. Volunteers help us with different things: they help us organize and run the events we put on, such as Pride and other important days for sexual health. Volunteers also help out at our testing clinics and at the reception centres where we go to deliver sexual health workshops. Volunteers make a valuable contribution to the work that Hivpoint is doing and they are very important. Being a volunteer with Hivpoint is rewarding and you are guaranteed to learn something new. You do not need any prior knowledge, but must be open to learning and talking openly about HIV and sexual health. Respecting cultural and sexual diversity is also important for volunteers.

We have talked to one of our dedicated volunteers to find out what it is like to volunteer for Hivpoint! Our volunteer tells us that volunteering with Hivpoint has taught her many things about sexual health that she did not know before. She learns new things every time she comes in to volunteer and she is happy being able to assist with different things. She helps us at our clinics where she is the first face our clients see when they walk in the door. Volunteering also reminds her of the importance of talking openly about sexual health. Volunteering with Hivpoint is also a way for her to learn about how organisations like Hivpoint operate, as she would someday like to work for a sexual health organisation. Volunteering is a great way to get to know a workplace! Our volunteer would like to recommend everyone who is curious about sexual health to apply to volunteer with Hivpoint.

If you are interested in volunteering with Hivpoint, keep an eye for when we recruit new volunteers! Volunteers need to speak either Finnish or English and must be at least 18 years old. To get more information you can contact niina.laaksonen@hivpoint.fi