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Survey about wellness camps for people living with HIV

Vastaa kyselyyn hyvinvointikursseista! ENEvery year Hivpoint organizes a number of wellness camps / adaptation training courses for people living with HIV in Finland. We receive feedback for all courses and the vast majority is positive!

Now we are further developing our work and want to find out what types of courses people living with HIV would need and appreciate. What topics would people want to address? What type of lectures and activities would people want to participate in? To answer these types of questions, we have developed a brief survey where you can tell us your thoughts on the content, length and location of the camps. The survey will be conducted over the summer.

Over the years, Hivpoint has organized separate camps for men, women, families, people with a migrant or refugee background and for young people. The camps have included various lectures about sexuality, nutrition, exercise and mental health. The group discussions have been a central part and participants have valued the peer support greatly. Usually there has also been a possibility to relax in the sauna.

Answering the survey only takes a couple minutes and it can be answered anonymously through this link until 4 August, 2019.

Please answer the survey, or ask your clients to answer it, so that we can ensure the best possible camps for people living with HIV in the future too!