Testing services for gay and bisexual men and other men who have sex with men

Page last reviewed 3.9.2021

The STI tests should not be taken earlier than 1-2 weeks from the possible transmission. Chlamydia and Gonorrhea can be tested from men after 1 week from the possible transmission. These tests have to take from urethal (urine), troath and anal. In the case of syphilis (blood test), you should wait one month, and in the case of HIV and hepatitis (blood test or rapid test), up to two-three months from the suspected incident. The HIV tests involve detecting antibodies of the HI-virus and they may take up to two months to develop. This means that the result of the HIV test is reliable if the test is taken two months after the last possible transmission. Checkpoint is always free of charge. Also services within public health care are for the most part free of charge, and in some cases, treatments and medication as well.

Checkpoint rapid HIV testing

An anonymous and free of charge HIV testing service in Helsinki.

Checkpoint Express

Services for STI testing, Hepatitis A and B vaccinations and on site HIV testing (@mobile unit and sauna Vogue)

Other places

If you suspect that you have contracted some other sexually transmitted disease or you have symptoms, you should contact your local clinic.