Limited testing services are open. If you have had a risk situation and need to get tested, please call our helpline 0207 465 705. It is possible to get an appointment or a free home test kit.

For professionals

Hivpoint works in collaboration with professionals from different fields in questions related to HIV, STIs, sexuality and sexual health. We offer trainings, consultations and newsletters as well as different kinds of materials to support HIV related work.

You can contact our personnel directly by phone or email using the Contact information found here.

The Hivpoint helpline stands at the service of professionals Monday through Thursday from 10 am to 3:30 pm., tel. +358 207 465 705.


You can order trainings related to sexuality, sexual health, HIV, AIDS and safe sex from Hivpoint. Based on your needs, the trainings can consist of  lectures, functional events or theme days. We offer trainings for eg:
• schools and educational institutions
• professionals and students in social and health care
• people working with young people and immigrants and for immigrants
• people working in the travel industry
• larger audiences at various kinds of events.

The trainings are customised according to the client’s wishes and needs. A training plan involves agreeing upon the themes for training and training methods, among others.

The themes of a training can include e.g. the following:
• basic information on HIV and STIs,
• the development of sexuality,
• safe sex,
• the diversity of sexuality and gender,
• HIV testing,
• encountering and treating a person living with HIV,
• preventive/detective work related to HIV and other STIs,
• blood transmission risks in work life

The price is determined based on the content, duration and target group of the training.

Please address your training related enquiries to: koulutus[at]


Encountering patients with HIV and their families as well as people exposed to HIV requires up-to-date information on HIV and its treatment as well as an understanding of what living with HIV means. Hivpoint personnel consists of social and health care professionals and social science professionals who are specialised in various HIV related themes.

Contact Hivpoint by phone or email when you need topical or advanced knowledge on HIV.