Are you interested in sexual health, sexual rights and equality?

IMG_0652Start a new, meaningful volunteer work in Hivpoint!

Hivpoint is looking for new volunteers to join our sexual health promotion work. Volunteers are working in different assignments such as organizing and participating in events, outreach work, HIV testing as well as organizing workshops in schools and youth centers.

All applicants will be interviewed before recruiting as a volunteer. To become one, you must be at least 18 years old. Previous experience from volunteer work, event management, teaching, advocacy work or studying / working in social work or healthcare is a benefit, but not required. You can learn with us!

Our volunteers should have good interaction skills and courage to talk to new people in events and workshops. They have to respect sexual and cultural diversity and be able to openly discuss about sexual health. Volunteers should have sufficient language skills in order to discuss in Finnish or English. Other language skills are considered as a benefit. Apply before 9th of April.

Hivpoint will organize a training for the selected volunteers on Saturday 6th of May 2017 at 10.00-18.00 in Helsinki (Unioninkatu 45k). The training will include a lunch and it is free of charge. Travelling costs from other cities in Finland will be compensated.

Fill in the application here:

The interviews are organized in Helsinki, Tampere or Oulu depending on the location of the applicant.

More information
Sami Tuunainen
HIV Foundation / Hivpoint
Tel. +358 40 552 4089
sami.tuunainen [at]