Services for HIV Positive Immigrants

HIV Positive Immigrant

HIV infected immigrants have the opportunity to receive individual support and crisis help. Home visits and family meetings together with a professional and the infected person’s family members can be arranged. All services provided by the Hivpoint are free of charge, anonymous and confidential. Services are offered in Finnish, Russian, Somali and English. An interpreter is at service upon the client’s wish.

Participate in a Peer Support Group in Helsinki!

Come and meet other HIV positive immigrants in our peer support group. The multicultural, professionally guided peer support group meets once a month in Helsinki. The meetings discuss in confidentiality different themes related to well being, health, culture and family relationships according to the group’s need and wishes.

The peer support group is open to all HIV positive immigrants and their family members regardless of religion, cultural background, gender, sexual orientation or status of entry permit.

If you want to participate, contact planners in our multicultural work:
Batulo Essak, batulo.essak(at), tel. +358 207 465 734
Niina Laaksonen, niina.laaksonen(at), tel. +358 207 465 726.

Group for Children and Young

The group for children and young meets 3–4 times per year. The group welcomes all HIV positive children and young people who live in Finland. The group’s activities are planned one year ahead according to the needs, age and development level of the group’s participants. Group meetings and camps are free of charge and all-inclusive for all participants.

At the moment, the group participants are 11–22 years old and come from all over Finland. The aim of the group is to offer professional and empowering support in the development of an HIV positive child and young and in living with a chronic disease.

If you are interested in the group for children and young, contact the group leader, planner Batulo Essak, batulo.essak[at], tel. +358 207 465 734.

Adaptation Training Courses

The Hivpoint organises courses for HIV positive immigrants twice per year. The courses usually last 2–3 days. Additional information is provided here.

If you want to participate, contact planners in our multicultural work:
Batulo Essak, batulo.essak[at], tel. +358 207 465 734
Niina Laaksonen, niina.laaksonen[at], tel. +358 207 465 726.