For the media

The Hivpoint is an expert organisation that serves the media in topical questions related to HIV and sexuality. The executive manager and the other experts of the Hivpoint stand at the service of the media. We also publish press releases and organise conferences that welcome media representatives.

The Hivpoint employs experts e.g. in the following fields:

• HIV/AIDS in Finland
• Sexually transmitted infections
• Sexual health of immigrants and HIV questions
• Sexual health of gay and bisexual men and HIV questions
• Sexual health of young people
• HIV testing, also rapid testing
• HIV questions related to travelling of Finnish people
• Social and societal questions related to HIV
• Questions related to basic and human rights of HIV positive people in Finland
• HIV related advocacy work
• International HIV/AIDS questions

Interviews and Illustrations 

If you are searching for an interviewee or need the logo of Hivpoint or other kinds of illustration, please contact: vilma.pietila(at), tel. +358 207 465 720.

You can follow the activities of the Hivpoint and current HIV issues related to Finland also on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.